About us

We are a Peruvian textile company that provides full package solutions and own brand products for the international market.

Our mission

TEXMAYA EIRL offers to the national and international market a service for the manufacture of nightwear and baby clothes made of fine cotton, with high quality standards to satisfy the needs of our clients, thus achieving the growth and development of our company.

Our view

In 2020, TEXMAYA EIRL will be an important company, with a presence in the national and international market, producing fine clothing, working with social responsibility and achieving full customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment


We are a company in the textile sector that develops nightwear manufacturing services, as well as baby clothes. Continuous development, planning and monitoring of our services is maintained, in order to offer the national and international market a quality service and thus satisfy the needs of our clients.


We want to meet the needs of our customers and relevant stakeholders, complying with the standards of our Quality Management System.


We develop collections for private labels and offer a complete package service, from the development of the fabrics to the finished garment.

Quality politics

Texmaya is committed to:

  • Manage your processes and risks ensuring control of the factors that advance the management and standards adopted, for the prevention of Incidents in them.
  • Ensure the participation and consult our collaborators and all interested parties, in all our actions; to provide knowledge, understanding, action and awareness of our organizational culture.
  • Guide efforts to comply with the corresponding requirements, the legal ones and any agreement signed within our management; ensuring the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and organizational performance.
  • Satisfy the needs of customers and interested parties based on continuous improvement in our processes and comply with the standards of the established Quality Management System.

worldwide shipping

100% pima cotton

full package

Principles and values


We respect all the people who work in our company and in general all the people who are involved with our activities. No person will be discriminated against because of their race, belief or sexual orientation. creencia u orientación sexual.

Customer Focus

The customer is very important to us. We organize ourselves to fulfill the commitments assumed and achieve full customer satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

We work responsibly in the use of all resources, taking care of the environment and the well-being of our workers and of society in general. We believe in our country and we consider ourselves part of development

Continuous Improvement

We constantly work to improve our processes to be effective and efficient. We seek creative and innovative solutions as a differentiating factor for our products and processes

Training We

train our workers to improve the skills of our workers and the personal development of each one of them.